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Countertops Delray Beach FL

Do you need high quality granite or Quartz countertops? We at Max Granite render premium quality countertop slabs for both commercial and residential use. Our countertop specialists in Delray Beach, FL are always ready to unlock a collection of granite, quartz, Cambria, Marble and Quartzite countertops with varied colors , vein, texture and assortment for our customers.

What We Do

Max Granite has a dedicated team of countertop specialists who fabricate, cut, and install the countertops. They have more than 15 years of countertop handling experience. They know all about industry standard techniques, tools and methods used for optimal countertop fabrication and installation.

We Always Sale Quality Products

We take pride in adding only top-quality products in our countertop collection. Customers are the lifeblood of our business and their satisfaction is our first priority. Therefore, we made sure that every material we sell them must have matchless quality traits. We offer guarantee for every product we sell and this is how we earn the trust of our customers. Whether they are looking for durability , strength, or beauty, we have everything in our collection from light color countertop material to dark colors, from non-porous surface to heat resistant countertops.

We Offer Countertop Installation Service

Hiring a professional for the installation of countertops in Delray Beach is a must because this task can’t be done with DIY approach. We have a team of expert installers who know how to fix new countertop at the given place with precision and accuracy. They will make sure that seams are as tight as possible. They balance the slab level and smooth its edges.

We Bring Countertop Replacement Service

A countertop slab is very heavy and special tools are required to remove existing slab from kitchen or bathroom. Only a skilled installer remove slab without causing any floor tile damage. If you hire an amateur to handle this job then you can’t save money because you risk your room floor by doing this. We make sure that old countertop is removed with safety and without causing any damage to your property.

Kitchen Countertops

Max Granite is specialized in fabricating and installing top quality countertops in a residential and commercial kitchen. Our professionals are rendering budget-friendly natural stones such as Cambria, Granite, Quartz, and Quartzite to both home and business customers.

Bathroom Countertops

The expert fabricators and installers of Max Granite are specialized in dealing with both commercial and residential bathroom. Whether you want to remodel your powder room or master bathroom, they know how to handle different kinds of countertops with great care and efficiency.

Countertops Material

We will recommend the appropriate stone for the setting you envision, and then work closely with you in designing and installing the final product. Among the settings that the beauty of natural or engineered stone can enhance are countertops, table tops, bathroom vanities, fireplaces, Jacuzzi surrounds, bar tops, and shower walls. Our stones offer beauty and functionality, especially in kitchens and bath areas. We also have proven expertise in customized work. If you can imagine it, we can build it.